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Selvi Gopi- "I am amazed at not only his development since having these few sessions with you, but also his complete love, enjoyment and interest in your lesson and the homework you send him home with. I think he is thriving on being in the small group that he is in…”

Kelly Campbell Farquharson- "Fantastic place for kids....well done"

TNandinie Msamy - "A good atmosphere where the child loves to be. Learning through playing is simply amazing. Your child will love to go here. I've realised how learning through playing works better than our conventional learning. You will regret nothing"

Jac Lim - "Beautifully decorated room for curious minds. A classroom that looks and feel more like home. Little one never fails to look forward to her weekly sessions. Learning through play is the way to go to make learning fun."

Angela Smith - "Agape Centre for Excellence is a top tutoring centre. I am completely amazed at how far my daughter has come in only a couple of months! She has so much fun there and has a lot more confidence in her abilities and is actually doing her homework without being reminded. She is excited to go to school! Lisa and her team are very competent tutors and lovely people. I can't recommend this tutoring centre highly enough!"

Laurilee McKay - "We have been sending our son to the centre to help him with his reading skills and we are impressed at his progress and confidence. Thank you"

Donna Poon - My daughter's shy n reserved with new people and new places. At Agape, she was instantly comfortable with the environment, peers and teacher. That made learning more conducive for her. Her level of thinking out of the box and out of her comfort zone in writing and comprehension has improved in a short period of time. Agape's innovative way of learning is fun and enriching. Thumbs up Agape!

Nicole Stone - "My daughter has been struggling with Maths and her confidence would drop whenever doing it or talking about. She has been attending the holiday program and in just 2 days her whole perspective to it has changed. She now believes she will get better at it and that is half the battle. Love your work Agape."