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Creative Maths has a continuous enrichment program for Children 7 -12 years old and a Kindergarten/ Pre-Primary program called Kinder MatheMagician

In the weekly 1 ½ hour session every week, your child will be participating in activities like magic, games and puzzles, project, craftwork that are based on strong mathematical concepts. Through some of these activities, your children will be introduced to history, arts and sciences alongside with mathematics.

The program will strengthen your child's analytical and problem solving skills as well as enhance their creativity and general knowledge.


  • We use unique and fun activities like Magic, Craft and Puzzles to challenge mathematical thinking and strengthen problem solving ability. These great hands-on activities arouse children's curiosity and promote their intrinsic motivation to learn Mathematics. Our activities sharpen students' thinking, stretch their creativity and improve their ability in solving maths problems.

  • We encourage group work and discussions. This promotes learning and sharing with each other and also enables children to get used to participating in group projects which will boost their self confidence; enhance their leadership and people skills.

  • We customised teaching according to the pace of each student in a class! We are mindful of the different pace of each student in a class. Thus, the style of our lesson is carefully designed where our teachers will be able to identify the different abilities of the students in a class so as to help weaker students learn at their own pace and challenge faster students with extra activities to embark on. In this way, we ensure that for every student, their potential will be fully explored and their time will be fruitfully spent.

Investment: $700 per term (10 x 1.5hrs sessions)

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