Creative Maths is a program that stimulates intellectual curiosity, promotes discovery and develops creativity, mathematical thinking and problem solving skills!

Creative Maths is a non-curriculum-based but pro-curriculum program that challenges your child to think beyond what he/she learns in school. Lessons introduced here are based on strong mathematical concepts that aim to nurture the creativity in the child and also develop his/her interests and ability in solving problems.

Our program embraces the recent initiatives like “Teach Less, Learn More”; “Developing Inquisitive Minds of Students” and “Refining the Delivery of Ability-Driven Education”. Thus, we aim to help children develop the following 5 characteristics:

  • Thinking out of the box
  • Ability to recognize variations
  • Making connections
  • Intelligence to make existing things faster and better
  • Saying yes to impossibilities


Instead of feeding children piles of mathematical problems, we share with them interesting card tricks and magic; let them work on puzzles, games and also paper craft. All our activities are carefully selected and are all based on strong mathematical concepts. 

Through these activities, your child actively participates in deciphering the hidden principles underlying each activity and in the process, constructs his/her own knowledge of mathematics.

Through this process of nurturing your child’s creativity, he/she will automatically develop intrinsic motivation in learning Maths.


  • nurture your child's creativity in problem solving through the magic of mathematics

  • help your child pick up mathematical concepts beyond their current curriculum, through a fun and creative learning environment

  • help your child construct his/her own knowledge of mathematics

  • promote innovation by leading your child to invent his/her own new tricks and puzzles

  • allow time and variations for the development of your child’s creativity and mathematical thinking, cultivate intrinsic motivation in your child for learning mathematics and develop your child’s self confidence

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Creative Maths