Would your child like to create their own computer games? 

Children will absolutely enjoy our exciting coding workshop over 5 half days to learn to create their very own computer game!

This camp will expand your child’s creativity and develop their logical thinking skills.

Each person gets a chance to present his game on the final day and let others try it out.

Game with the most votes wins a prize!

About the program

Designed specifically for young learners who are completely new to programming, this program empowers our children with the fundamental literacy to creatively apply computational thinking to solve problems and translate their imagination to reality.

Children will be using Scratch, a graphics based computer programming language developed by Mitchel Resnick, LEGO Papert Professor of Learning Research and head of the Lifelong Kindergarten group at the MIT media labs.

At the end of the course, students feel empowered to create, design and develop computational media which they enjoy in their daily lives. They start their journey to build the next Angry Bird or Flappy Bird here.

Day 1: Introduction to Scratch.
           Explore scratch and familiarise with interface.
           Basic step by step animation (loops, events and parallelism                    techniques)

Day 2: Animation
           Hands on experience and application of techniques.
           Making your animation come alive (music, colour, costumes)

Day 3: Telling stories
           Creating a story board using scratch
           Create your own characters, coordinate interactions
           Manage timing and broadcasting of these events

Day 4: Gaming time
           Learn how to build interactive games
           Add your own score count and games.
           Tackle 9 scratch programming puzzles

           Learn to debug your game

Day 5: Project showcase

          Work on your game concept
          Use the techniques you have learnt over the past 4 days
          Show and tell

The facilitator
Yong Ning graduated with a First Class Honours in Electrical Engineering from the National University of Singapore and thereafter received a Scholarship to complete his Masters from Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) in Computation for Design and Optimisation.

With a strong background in Mathematics and programming, his key expertise lies in applying analytics to ensure sound business decisions.

He has worked for various multinationals and does programming in his free time as a hobby. He delights in working with children and inspiring them to uncover the challenge of coding - the language of the future.

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Coding – learning the language of the future


11 - 15 April 2016

Morning Workshop

9am to 1pm

Afternoon Workshop

1pm to 5pm


$500 (5 days x 4hrs)

Who is it for?

Any child from 9-12 without computer programming knowledge



“The program was really good … I’ll definitely recommend it to my friends” Issac Mitchener, student of Jan 2016 holiday program

“.. the program is really useful… will definitely come back for the intermediate class”, Lachlan Kong, student of Jan 2016, holiday program

“… I tried [Scratch] a few times at home but I never really understood it. [After the workshop] I understand pretty much what every [Scratch] block does”, Flynn, student of Jan 2016, holiday program”

​​​“It is really great. You learn how to code games and they teach you step-by-step” , Tiara, student of Jan 2016, Perth Australia holiday programme”