Poh Yew is also a very experienced international trainer in the fields of creativity, training of trainers and maths education. She has conducted extremely innovative workshops in ten countries around the world including Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, Bulgaria, Denmark, China, USA, etc. She appears regularly on TV and radio as guest speaker, too. She has also authored three books on maths magic and developed m-WizyTM magic cards to facilitate understanding of mathematical concepts and develop creativity in a fun and magical way.

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Her passion has also driven her to design the "Creative Maths" program - a continuous enrichment program for Primary and Secondary school students. This program gathers the essence of her 20 years of research and experience in the area of developing creativity and problem solving skills using Mathematics.


    Mdm Teoh Poh Yew
   Mathematics Educator

Author and Trainer

Teoh Poh Yew is a dynamic and creative Maths educator who firmly believes that everyone can learn and enjoy this “dreaded” subject. She particularly enjoys helping children, especially those who believe they have no ability in mathematical problem solving.

Poh Yew’s career spans over a decade as a Secondary level Maths teacher and a school counsellor. Her major interest is to transform Maths into a tool to develop a child’s creativity, enhance mathematical thinking skills and sharpen problem solving abilities. She inspires children to approach this subject with confidence and enthusiasm. Her unflinching belief in the natural abilities of children is a quality that serves to transform little lives from a state of breakdown to breakthrough!